History and Members

Kobe Global Charity Festival is based on a charity event organized by an American couple living in Ashiya in 1981.

The first Kobe Global Charity Festival was held in October of 1999 with a large support from Kobe Club in Kitano. Ever since then we have been organizaing an international charity festival every fall.

KGCF’s Board Committee members consist of foreign and Japanese volunteers who are eager to help children around the world.

We have separated from Kobe Club this year and made a fresh start with new board committee members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funding to donate to non-profit organizations that are at work to provide opportunities for children in developing countries to receive education and care. At the same time, we hope to proveide an opportunity to understand and interact with other cultures in the world through our international festival.

We donate the entire proceeds from the festival to various non-profit organizations that are helping children and adults around the globe.


2008 Total Prceeds from the Festival: 1,900,000 yen
Organizations that Received DonationsAmount (yen)
Thai Village Project300,000
Afghan Girls’ Education Project300,000
Peace on Earth200,000
Karenni Rainbow Foundation200,000
Burma Relief100,000
Kansai Bangladesh Project100,000
Negros Education Helping Activities100,000
Kobe Shoin Japan/Cambodia Education Project100,000
Toyonaka International Friendship Association100,000
JAFS Halu Halo100,000
Enpitsu no Ie100,000
Community Support Kobe100,000
South Kolkata Soroptimists Beyond School Project100,000
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